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Climatic conditions on the island of Hvar

If you decide to visit the island, along with all the other beauties and attractions, you will enjoy the great climate. The Mediterranean climate of the island provides a pleasant stay in any time of the year. The main features of this climate are clear skies, long and sunny summers and short, mild winters. Because of the mild climate, Viennese meteorologist J. Hann, named the island of Hvar 'Adriatic Madeira'.

Climatic conditions on the island of Hvar

The island is dominated by mild winters, hot summers and many hours of sunshine, which allows bathing from May to November, and for the braver even longer. Mild, wet winters (in January the average temperature on the island is 8.4 °C) have many advantages. During the winter there are many windy days (jugo - the south wind, bura - the north wind), and there are rainy days, but snow fall once in 20 years. Some hotels even offer free accommodation if it snows!

Annual average hours of sunshine on the island of Hvar is 2726. Compared to Alexandria, Hvar during the summer has more sunny periods. When it comes to sunny days, the most sunny day is 18th of July with an average of 12 hours, 27 minutes and 36 seconds sunny periods. The benefits of climate reflected on the sea. The average monthly temperature in the period of five months (June-October) is 20 °C. It is not unusual that the temperature reach up to 27 °C in the August.

It is difficult to decide when to visit Hvar. But regardless of whether you come in the warm part of the year (late spring, summer and early autumn), or in something colder part of the year (late autumn, winter or early spring), climatic conditions will make sure you never forget your stay in Hvar . Fans of Mediterranean herbs will certainly enjoy the island during the autumn months. Autumn brings slightly lower temperatures, but also a real firework of colors, scents and flavors that result from ripe fruit and pleasant air and sea. This is a truly memorable experience for all your senses. No matter what time of year you choose to come, visit the island of Hvar and enjoy its Mediterranean climate will definitely relax all your senses. The island has all the prerequisites for creating a heavenly atmosphere, and all you have to do is surrender to its magic.

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