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When is the best time to visit the island of Hvar

Do you want to enjoy the peak season and summer fun, lavender fields, winter regattas or olive and grape harvest? The best time to visit Hvar is a matter of each individual's choice. The best time to visit Hvar depends on what you want to experience on your vacation.

The highlight of the season on Hvar

When is the best time to visit the island of Hvar

If your ideal vacation includes a number of summer events, clear skies and temperatures above 30 ° C, you should definitely book your airline ticket in July and August. This is the peak season, when the number of yachts, a great number of Italians, and the population of the island is doubled. It is a time for fun, cocktails on the beach and a long night on the coast.

Easter on Hvar

One of the most important holidays in the calendar and wonderful time to visit, Easter often coincides with the official end of winter. This is the perfect time to start a new season, and a vacation that you can spend with your family celebrating this important Christian holiday for an extended weekend. Easter procession that lasts all night is a unique event in the world.

Winter sailing regatta, cycling and stillness

Hvar in winter is a completely different, but equally fun experience. Lower temperatures are great fo bikers, and on the island is held popular winter regatta. Bora and frequent rain (yes, on the island's raining, that's why is so green!), show the harsh background of life on the Dalmatian island. It is not for the fearful, but is a great way to relax if you are looking for some peace and solitude.

Harvest grapes and olives

After the end of the peak tourist season, local residents are turning to fields, and agriculture became the main branch of the local economy and culture. Grapes are harvested in September and olives in October and November (benefits of early or late harvest is a lively debate in the island cafes), while the lavender is harvested in June and July, another way you can meet with local people and their culture.

Fields of lavender

With stunning scenes around every corner, Hvar is known for its color and flavor. Hvar is well known for turquoise waters and thick rich mountain vegetation, mixed with a variety of colors of flora and fauna that are exchanged during the year, among which, perhaps most common is the purple lavender, after which the island is known. In June and July, festival dedicated to lavender takes place on the island of Hvar.

Out of the season - all the benefits of vacation without the crowds

Although individuals will find the strength and swim in the sea any time of the year, most people use the period between May and October for swimming. May, June, September and early October are great months to come to Hvar, especially for those who want to avoid the crowds, but at the same time enjoy the fact that the temperatures are pleasant, and all the shops and other establishments are open. Local residents have much more time before they reach the peak season, and are generally more relaxed.

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